on 25 November. Gratitude to Kancheli

Concerts devoted to creativity of Maestro Guilly Kancheli, have already become the Caribbean Club Concert Hall tradition. This time, November 25, Aniko Dolidze will present here a program dedicated to music to theater and cinema of the prominent Georgian composer Kancheli Guilly. Composer Giya Kancheli is one of the key figures of world culture, is the greatest symphonies composer of the 20th century, whose music performed by the best conductors and orchestras around the world. His creativity is very diverse genre. In addition to the seven symphonies, Chamber, and vocal and choral music, Giya Alexandrovich Kancheli-music by more than sixty films are, among which "Mimino", "Don't cry!" and "Kin-DZA-DZA", and more than forty performances, mainly to the performances of Robert Sturua. Music Maestro is timeless, its depth and wisdom of the blurring boundaries.

Aniko Dolidze: music Guilly Kancheli-deep sound, sounds which are born from love to the native land, God, traditions, jazz … She Bares his soul, inspiring and reveals to me, she is the most important thing in my life. " "I believe that music need only experience," admitted in one interview Giya Alexandrovich. We invite you to experience the music Maestro, together with leading Ukrainian jazz musicians that 25 November will present it in new ways, his vision. At the concert you will hear the music from the movie "children of the sea" n. Pìpìnašvìlì, "White stones", 2006. Čarhalašvìlì and b. Tsuladze, "Mimino" G. Daneliya, "Bear's Kiss". Bodrova, "your son, Earth" p. Chkheidze, "Cranks" E. Ariadna shengelaya, also plays a role for počinaûčoï actress», «Hanuma» and «Caucasian krejdâne circle r. Sturua.

Performers: Aniko Dolidze (vocals), Rodion Ivanov (keyboards, arrangements) Sergiy SYDORENKO (trumpet, flugelhorn, guitar, sound effects), Igor Zakus (bass), Serhiy Tabunshchyk (drums) Author arrangements of all the songs the programme became known jazz pianist and composer Rodion Ivanov. Tickets for karabas.com